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Webinar: Are you doing your fiduciary duty in minimizing costs and mitigating risks for your clients?

The talk will cover:

How to minimize costs and mitigate risks for your clients.  If you are the trustee for your clients’ assets, even if you appoint an investment manager, it is your fiduciary responsibility to ensure that you are minimizing costs that drag on investor’s returns, and mitigate risks for your clients.

In this session we will discuss how to effectively safeguard client capital and fulfill your fiduciary duty.  Our discussion will include:i) Fees; ii) Transaction costs; iii) Tax; iv) Interest rates and v) Risks

About the speakers

Carolyn Butler: Managing Director, International Fiduciaries Limited

Carolyn has been a practitioner of the financial services /trust industry for over 20 years and is an executive committee member of HKTA. She will provide an introduction and an overview of fiduciary duties issues related to client assets.

Alain Groshens: CEO & Founder, SystematicEdge 

Alain founded SystematicEdge because he believes that the traditional financial services industry is at an inflection point and ready to be disrupted. He has decades of experience as an FX and Interest Rates trader and has managed trading teams across the globe. He started his career at Societe Generale, and then built regional and global trading teams at two other global investment banks. Alain and the team at SystematicEdge provide financial services in Investment Solutions & Currency Risk Hedging. They use technology to maximize performance and drastically reduce costs. All SFC regulated activity is conducted by Privium Fund Management (HK) Limited; CE: BGR298

Alexandre Riteau, Portfolio Manager, SystematicEdge

Alex is a partner in the Portfolio management team at SystematicEdge.  Alex started his career with BNP Paribas, where he most latterly worked as a structurer at THEAM working on systematic multi-asset and equity strategies.  He has a Masters degree from ENSAE in Statistics as well as an MSc in Risk & Asset Management from EDHEC Business School.