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We manage high-performance liquid market portfolios for Professional Investors

Our Mission

We build portfolios for professional investors based on their risk profile and return objectives. We combine financial technology and quantitative finance within an institutional, systematic investment process in order to maximize risk adjusted returns and massively compress costs.

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Clear performance objectives within a defined risk mandate

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Our Principles

We use technology to maximize performance and drastically compress costs. To achieve this, the following principles underpin all of our portfolios:

Systematic Investment Process

All our portfolios are rules based in order to systematically accumulate asset income and capital gains.

Direct Market Access (DMA)

We use DMA on the world’s regulated exchanges, in order to access institutional level financial instruments at the best price with no counterparty risk and no valuation uncertainty.

Massively compress costs

We bypass intermediaries and use the most efficiently priced financial instruments.

Our Flagship Portfolios


BOND INCOME PORTFOLIO (BIP): Accumulates income from bonds with compelling value and yield

The Bond Income Portfolio was designed to provide capital preservation and income investors can count on, regardless of market conditions. It is invested in bonds issued by investment grade banks.


SYSTEMATIC MULTI-ASSET PORTFOLIO (SMP): Provides long-term income and capital growth

The Systematic Multi-asset Portfolio delivers long-term income and capital growth by investing in global Equity markets (target exposure of 60%) and global Fixed Income markets (target exposure of 40%).


SYSTEMATIC EQUITY PORTFOLIO (SEP): Efficient exposure to global equity markets

The Systematic Equity Portfolio provides investors with a diversified exposure to Global Equity across regions and sectors.


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Cash Management

Flexi Depo

FLEXIBLE DEPOSITS (FLEXI DEPO): Delivering interest rates in line with central bank deposit rates

The proprietary SystematicEdge Cash Management Solution enables corporations and investors to place their cash in Flexible Deposits delivering interest rates in line with Central Bank deposit rates. The cash is available at anytime with no penalty in case of early deposit redemptions. This is a great solution if one is waiting to deploy cash on another project.

Contact us for up to date deposit rates.

Thematic Portfolios

We use our flagship portfolios as building blocks and integrate themes, sectors, and regional allocations to match the investment mandate.  Below is a small selection of our thematic portfolios. Contact us for more information on the full extent of our exciting thematic offering.



Provides investors with a diversified exposure to Global Digital Transformation across world regions and sectors.



Provides investors with a diversified exposure to Digital Transformation with a specific focus on the Asia Pacific region.



Provides investors with a diversified exposure to Greater China equities.



Provides investors with a diversified equity exposure to both companies that have invested in blockchain technology and companies involved in the cryptocurrency space.



Provides investors with a diversified equity exposure to companies with higher-than-peers environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) standards.

Capital Protected Solutions

Below is one example of a SystematicEdge capital protected solution. The portfolio follows a systematic “Portfolio Insurance” process. Contact us for more information on the full extent of our Capital Protected Solutions Suite.


The Systematic Equity Portfolio Insurance provides long-term capital growth with capital protection at the portfolio’s target maturity by investing in Global Equity markets using best in class “Portfolio Insurance” methodology.

Systematic Portfolio Insurance Process
Institutional-grade Financial Instruments

Customized & Structured Solutions

We work with investors to understand their risk tolerance and investment objectives to design and implement appropriate solutions. Contact us for more information.




Partner Testimonial

“SystematicEdge, a regulated financial advisor using our execution platform for Direct Market Access, aims to provide Professional Investors and High Net Worth Individuals with efficient and sophisticated systematic investment strategies across asset-classes, regions and themes.”