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HKSI webinar: Currency Hedging in Wealth and Asset Management

Thank you to Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute for asking SystematicEdge‘s CEO, Alain Groshens to lead a webinar, October 6th, 2022, on “Currency Hedging in Wealth and Asset Management”. SystematicEdge’s mission is to give back to the community including the regulated financial services community and share our expertise on this and other relevant topics.  Participants’ key takeaways of this session includes the importance of:

  • Understanding the drivers of the currency market
  • Identifying and measuring currency risks in your portfolio
  • Engineering an FX hedging process consistent with the investment strategy and risk mandate
  • Implementing the hedge, minimizing costs, cash consumption and counterparty risk.

We are always happy to answer questions on this topic, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any about how to manage currency risk in your portfolio.